5 Youth Climate Activists to Keep Up With on Social Media

5 Youth Climate Activists to Keep Up With on Social Media

The reality of climate change has inevitably caused a sense of urgency and action amongst our youth. How could it not? As the impact of climate change continues to escalate, it is young people who will be most deeply affected.  Many parents we speak to feel a deep sense of guilt about this, and worry about overburdening their children with knowledge of this responsibility.  We get it, and we grapple with the same concerns. One of our early sources of inspiration was Greta Thunberg, the eighteen-year-old Swedish climate activist. We found that by focusing on the inspiring work of young people like Greta, it became a little easier to talk to our little people about climate change and activism.  

Luckily, social media has made it easy for the youth who are passionate about this cause to be able to speak up and build empowering platforms, many of whom can serve as inspiration and motivation to join the fight, too. Below are just 4 youth climate activists you can follow on social media to show your support!


Alexandria Villaseñor
Alexandria is a New York-based, 16-year old climate activist. She is also the founder of Earth Uprising, a non-profit organization made up of youth climate activists from all over the world committed to global action on climate change. Her social media page consists of personal essays, shared resources, conversations and more to bring awareness to the effects of climate change and how to take proper action.


Harvey Hennessy
Harvey Hennessy is a 17-year old youth climate activist based in South West, England. He is the founder of Fridays for the Future Barnstaple, a chapter of the international climate movement, Fridays for the Future founded by Greta Thunberg. In addition to climate activism,  he also advocates for various social movements like LGBTQI rights.


Mitzi Jonelle Tan
Mitzi Jonelle Tan is a climate activist based in the Philippines, and is the co-founder of the Youth Advocates for Climate Change Philippines (YACCP) amongst others. Not only is she bringing awareness of the effects of climate change within her own country, she also frequently collaborates with other global activists to call for climate and social justice globally.


Dominique Palmer
Dominique Palmer is a climate activist based in the United Kingdom. She is a frequent public speaker on environmental justice and was featured in the Top 100 UK Environmentalist list in 2020. Her work consists of organizing strikes, international campaigns, and calling upon global leaders for systematic action.


Wee the People Scarlett Palmer

Scarlett Harper

At only 11-years old, Scarlett Harper is on a mission to save the bees. In fact, she’s been able to make incredible change in her state of Illinois already by going as far as creating the “Bee Bill,” a bill that was passed to restrict pesticides that can be fatal to bees. What started as a passion for the environment at just 9-years old, has quickly developed into a mission to do her part in making an impact to stop the climate crisis.


Following any or all of the activists listed here can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to do your part in fighting against climate change. 

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