The Importance of Youth Empowerment

The Importance of Youth Empowerment

Today, you may often hear the term ‘empowerment’ as it relates to adults and the people they connect with, but something that’s just as important to encourage is youth empowerment.

There’s no question that one of the missions of our brand is to cultivate a culture where young children have the information they need to make healthy decisions and spark positive change. So, what makes this so important? 

We hear it all the time, but our children are our future. When we give our children the tools and skills they need to thrive, we are giving them the opportunity to invest those skills into the people and places around them. Reminding our youth about their potential fuels the idea that they are capable of changing the world around them.

We luckily live in a world full of great role models, creatives, leaders, and so many more inspirational people that our youth can look up to, but empowering them is something that can start from within! Curious about how to do this?


It has become so easy for older generations to be reluctant to hear what our youth has to say, but sometimes it’s as simple as being an ear for them to share their ideas that can make the greatest difference.

Kids and youth have such a fresh, creative perspective of things and by listening to their perspective, we can view the world a bit differently, too. This also creates the idea that it is okay for our youth to feel compelled to speak out without fear of judgement or silence.

Support their passions

Childhood and young adulthood are prime moments for certain likes and passions to be discovered. Nothing is more important than showing support along the way and giving them a chance to carry out their vision. Just a little bit can go such a long way and give them the confidence they need to turn their dreams into a reality.

Create a safe space and environment

The world can be such a scary place not only for our youth, but for adults as well. Rather than putting emphasis on the negative, use this knowledge as fuel to create a positive space for youth to feel comfortable learning, growing, and creating!

There’s a lot of power that our youth hold and recognizing this is just one way to ensure that our future is in great hands. How will you continue to empower the youth in your life?